Mango Season

The competition in the garden escalated unexpectedly this morning.  I had thought that the race was between the guards, the part time gardener, us, the bats, and the ants.

I was not surprised that the part-time gardener was more attentive and came in earlier every morning, and that the security guards were doing their rounds more often round the house. This close attention happened last year at this time.

I knew we had to be quick off the mark, if we were running short in the house, to be in the race with any chance.

I had not realised though that the tortoise, a longer resident than us in this house, was also a competitor.  This morning there she/he was, on the grass, clearly enjoying a mango.

Day and night from now until the end of September will be punctuated by the steady thump of falling fruit.  It is only the start of the season and the trees are laden.

Today there were a dozen mangoes to share between the guard, the taxi-driver whose pitch starts near our gate, and us – not counting the one for the tortoise!  By next week we can widen our list to include others.


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